How I can help you with copywriting.

Sam Duhon

Hi again! Nice to meet you.

My name is Sam Duhon, and I write copy for freelancers, solo-professionals, and small businesses.

I’ve been doing freelance work for a long time.

In between my corporate sales career, I’ve been a photographer, a motion designer, and a musician.

But writing was my first love.

I’ve written everything from landing pages for vintage fashion brands, to business proposals and scripts for video production studios, to SaaS sales pitches for Fortune 50 tech giants.

All that is to say, I probably know where you’re coming from, and how to craft the best-fit brand voice for you.

If you want copywriting that sounds like you but sells better, I can help you write:

        • Website Landing Pages
        • Blog Posts
        • Email Sequences and Newsletters
        • Warm/Cold Pitch Templates
        • Sales Proposals
        • Case Studies and White Papers
        • Video Scripts
        • And more!

“Probably the best copywriter site a student has sent me!”

Jacob McMillen, Founder @ The Internet’s Best Copywriting Course

Jacob McMillen